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Perimeter detection systems

For many of our clients, perimeter protection is an essential part of mitigation against a wide range of threats that could cause physical damage as well as reputational or financial damage to the organisation; some of these sites are classified as part of the UK critical national infrastructure (CNI). Facing threats such as terrorism and espionage, the protective security measures our design, installation, and commissioning teams deliver are proportionate to the effectiveness and response required.

At Check Your Security, we understand leadership and guidance as a trusted partner is a vital part of our role in delivering these solutions that provide continuous efficient security provisions that will meet our client's strategic security vision.

A vital part of the effectiveness is the assurance we provide by regularly reviewing and conducting preventative maintenance healthcare checks on the systems. The regular inspections ensure that the security systems remain fit for purpose and meet the specified operational requirements both when the site is secure and during daily operations.

Perimeter protection solutions

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Below are some of the key areas we have integrated perimeter protection solutions to meet our client's security and business requirements:
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection (Pids)- Fence lines, sterile zones integrated for early detection of attempted facility penetration attack by Intruders
  • Perimeter CCTV- for early detection and assessment at the fence line and beyond
  • Thermal imaging CCTV- for early detection in harsh environments such as coastlines
  • Gallagher Monitored pulse fencing- High-security solutions fully integrated perimeter security, access control and Intruder alarm management
  • Video Analytics- for sterile zones, abandoned baggage, park vehicles, surveillance
  • Visitor management- Including Competencies & compliancy
  • Evacuation and mustering
  • Command Control & Gate Houses- Integrated systems for enhanced situational awareness, greater visibility, reduction in operational costs and enhanced operational efficiency

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Seven things you should know... Upgrading your Security Systems?

Seven things you should know before you start upgrading your CCTV or Access Control/Security systems

  1. Clearly understand where you are today! What you have where your problems are or have been – otherwise you won’t know if you have moved forward or even been going backwards.
  2. Choose a Partner that has a bit of vision and has a track record with some great reference sites already in place. 
  3. Speak to your peer’s get some feedback and input listen to their experiences.
  4. Modern digital systems are scalable can integrate to other systems- BMS, Intruder, Fire – integration!
  5. Compare like for like as far as systems being proposed -clearly understanding the different value propositions i.e. digital versus analogue in the case of CCTV
  6. Don’t concentrate on just one component such as cameras look for open systems that offer you maximum choice and flexibility now and in the future.
  7. All decisions should be strategic rather than just tactical - look at the medium to long term.
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Don't Stop Moving - Collaboration at the core At Check Your Security, we work as a team across various different remits and with individual responsibilities to deliver the best possible advice, service and expertise to our trusted customers. It is important that we all work with a collaborative mindset to be able to respond to our customers’ needs along with the advances in technology, as and when they happen.
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Anthony Field

Anthony Field, Operations Manager at Check Your Security, has the overall responsibility to ensure company projects are managed and delivered in the best way possible to achieve demanding KPI’s.

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Proud to support Norwich City Football Club Check your Security is proud to announce we have extended our partnership with Norwich City for another season!

Check Your Security commercial director Clinton Button added: “We are delighted to renew our regional partnership with Norwich City Football Club, it is a real pleasure to continue our relationship and be part of the club’s exciting future. As a supporter I know how important it is to be in a safe environment.”

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Unlock a Smarter Future for Healthcare with Abloy

New security technology in the form of a digital key from Abloy has revolutionised one of the most common daily tasks on hospital wards, accessing the drugs cupboard. The Protec2 Cliq Remote digital key has helped hospitals nationally to streamline their workflow with amazing results.

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Security is not about what you know it is about being prepared for what you don’t know
Clinton Button - Check Your Security Commercial Director
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