Our culture
Our culture

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"Based on the consistent quality of installation, service and support it was an easy decision for us to continue using Check Your Security for the refurbishment and upgrade solution for our lift systems. As a crucial aspect of the Hospital, this had to be completed to the highest standard..."

Roger Perkins, Senior Engineering Officer, Serco PLC

Delivering Security Success

Our Culture

Our mission statement is simple:

To deliver a consistent service with care to our clients, ensuring maximum safety is achieved & their security requirements are met.

To provide 'care in action' is our duty

Our Core values
We are well known for our high level of service, for developing relationships by building trust and displaying integrity, innovation, and quality. What sets us apart from our competitors is our core beliefs which underline our identity and bring clarity to our clients and personnel:-
  • We lead with kindness
  • We care
  • We bring honour
  • We extend grace
  • We build faith
  • We stay resilient
  • We're 'all in'
As a testament to our beliefs, behaviours, and actions is our high client retention rate. We have developed strong working relationships and continue to work with some of the world's most well-known organisations, people, and brands.

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University of East Anglia - The Enterprise Centre
Wayne Dyble, Service Director, Check Your Security
At Check Your Security, we excel in providing digital solutions for large Universities and hospitals across the nation. Working with the UEA's Enterprise Centre, we were able to excel in providing a security installation in keeping with the buildings green aspirations whilst not damaging the unique low carbon straw structure. We thrive working in challenging environments, and we look forward to new and exciting opportunities in the future.
Case Study

University of East Anglia - The Enterprise Centre

The University of East Anglia (UEA) sought a new building with green credentials that could serve as a centre for students wanting to go self-employed or start a business. The building had to reflect these ambitions and create a very low carbon footprint supporting innovative design & local materials. Therefore, installing surveillance and access control devices must be efficient & strategically installed, in keeping with The Enterprise Centre & UEA's goals.

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Seven things you should know... Upgrading your Security Systems?

Seven things you should know before you start upgrading your CCTV or Access Control/Security systems

  1. Clearly understand where you are today! What you have where your problems are or have been – otherwise you won’t know if you have moved forward or even been going backwards.
  2. Choose a Partner that has a bit of vision and has a track record with some great reference sites already in place. 
  3. Speak to your peer’s get some feedback and input listen to their experiences.
  4. Modern digital systems are scalable can integrate to other systems- BMS, Intruder, Fire – integration!
  5. Compare like for like as far as systems being proposed -clearly understanding the different value propositions i.e. digital versus analogue in the case of CCTV
  6. Don’t concentrate on just one component such as cameras look for open systems that offer you maximum choice and flexibility now and in the future.
  7. All decisions should be strategic rather than just tactical - look at the medium to long term.
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Why join the Check Your Security team? Why join our team? Check Your Security is currently in the process of relocating to a new office in the Midlands. We are also expanding our team and have several positions open for hiring, with more ...
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AI for camera critical checks article
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Chip shortages affect the supply of physical security products
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CCTV bandwidth and storage requirements
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Video Analytics and AI Today
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Why it's good to have your head in the clouds The time is now to look at Cloud-based systems for business security applications.
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Security is not about what you know it is about being prepared for what you don’t know
Clinton Button - Check Your Security Managing Director
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