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Intruder Detection Systems and Alarms for Businesses 

Prevention is the best way to avoid business disruption.

More than just business alarms, at Check Your Security we work with you to create commercial security systems, designed around your individual needs. We will recommend from the wide range of different graded systems the right level of protection for you to meet the most stringent insurance and legislation obligations.

Our intruder detection systems are typically utilised to protect precious items such as safes, vaults, artwork, confidential materials or business-critical systems/processes that intruders often target. The design team will guide you through a risk assessment process to identify any inherent or specific risks you may be vulnerable to. The team will call on their vast experience and advise on the correct smart business system and level of response required, whether it is keyholder, police or private guarding. Our solutions offer a 24/7/365 all-inclusive service which means your alarm is never ignored.

Our intruder detections systems can work alongside CCTV, access control and emergency systems to create a truly integrated security solution for your business.

Hold-up alarm systems

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Do you need to secure key personnel or VIPs?

We can help by installing personal attack systems such as panic buttons to help them raise the alarm if they feel threatened or attacked, ensuring increased peace of mind.

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Seven things you should know... Upgrading your Security Systems?

Seven things you should know before you start upgrading your CCTV or Access Control/Security systems

  1. Clearly understand where you are today! What you have where your problems are or have been – otherwise you won’t know if you have moved forward or even been going backwards.
  2. Choose a Partner that has a bit of vision and has a track record with some great reference sites already in place. 
  3. Speak to your peer’s get some feedback and input listen to their experiences.
  4. Modern digital systems are scalable can integrate to other systems- BMS, Intruder, Fire – integration!
  5. Compare like for like as far as systems being proposed -clearly understanding the different value propositions i.e. digital versus analogue in the case of CCTV
  6. Don’t concentrate on just one component such as cameras look for open systems that offer you maximum choice and flexibility now and in the future.
  7. All decisions should be strategic rather than just tactical - look at the medium to long term.
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CCTV bandwidth and storage requirements
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Video Analytics and AI Today
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Why it's good to have your head in the clouds The time is now to look at Cloud-based systems for business security applications.
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Security is not about what you know it is about being prepared for what you don’t know
Clinton Button - Check Your Security Managing Director
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