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We specialise in large-scale enterprise solutions, complex infrastructure settings, and multi-site CCTV camera coverage.

CCTV security is one of the fastest-growing areas in the security sector and is a critical solution for crime prevention. It is typically also utilised as a part of a security programme and plan for public and worker safety, asset protection, and operational efficiency. When designed and installed correctly, it can also form part of a critical emergency preparation plan, assessment, and response for undesired events such as a terrorist attack. Therefore, we believe at Check Your Security that its vital that all solutions are designed and underpinned by the operational performance & requirements model. This ensures that we meet the client’s needs, compliance and work within the constraints of the environment.

Whether it’s a standalone CCTV security system or a fully integrated solution that incorporates perimeter protection, alarm management, or access control, at Check Your Security our design, project management, installation, and commissioning team have the skillsets and experience to exceed expectations, meet budgets, and satisfy regulatory requirements.


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We have developed strong relationships with leading CCTV technology manufacturers to ensure we have best-of-breed technologies for specific applications, whether that’s ANPR, AI and analytics, thermal imaging, or high definition (HD) and 4K video. We also have an extensive history in installing fully integrated video management solutions (VMS), both on-premise and as a cloud service, which delivers a localised, remote or estate-wide CCTV command control.
Below are some of the key areas we have integrated CCTV solutions to meet our client's security and business requirements

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  • Managing social distancing & mask compliancy COVID
  • Crowd Safety, traffic management in a stadium environment
  • NHS Staff & Patient care, in accordance with CQC
  • High-Security perimeter protection to meet CPNI best practices
  • Protecting of Information and trade secrets
  • Protection of hazardous waste, chemicals, and dangerous substances
    Protection of Art Work & sculptures
  • Safeguarding Children, Adults & VIPs
  • Deep learning solutions for face recognition, video synopsis, persons of interests, and license plate recognition
  • Attaining situational awareness for real-time changes and response

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Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital - CCTV

Simon Wardale - Facilities & Services Contract Manager
"The Enterprise Audit Report provided us with an in-depth, evidence-based foundation, enabling us to analyse and allow our security strategy to plan improvement and continually evolve. Attaining this necessary information ..."
Case Study

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital - CCTV

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) was faced with a life cycle change to their CCTV system, which was scheduled for updating. This included a migration from an analogue to a digital platform, a control room refit and a new design layout. The project delivery needed to be seamless due to the control room being the main hub for all communications and the control centre for 24/7 emergency responses for the Hospitals security team Read More
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Seven things you should know... Upgrading your Security Systems?

Seven things you should know before you start upgrading your CCTV or Access Control/Security systems

  1. Clearly understand where you are today! What you have where your problems are or have been – otherwise you won’t know if you have moved forward or even been going backwards.
  2. Choose a Partner that has a bit of vision and has a track record with some great reference sites already in place. 
  3. Speak to your peer’s get some feedback and input listen to their experiences.
  4. Modern digital systems are scalable can integrate to other systems- BMS, Intruder, Fire – integration!
  5. Compare like for like as far as systems being proposed -clearly understanding the different value propositions i.e. digital versus analogue in the case of CCTV
  6. Don’t concentrate on just one component such as cameras look for open systems that offer you maximum choice and flexibility now and in the future.
  7. All decisions should be strategic rather than just tactical - look at the medium to long term.
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Don't Stop Moving - Collaboration at the core At Check Your Security, we work as a team across various different remits and with individual responsibilities to deliver the best possible advice, service and expertise to our trusted customers. It is important that we all work with a collaborative mindset to be able to respond to our customers’ needs along with the advances in technology, as and when they happen.
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Security is not about what you know it is about being prepared for what you don’t know
Clinton Button - Check Your Security Managing Director
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