Why should we be obsessed with Customer Service?

Why should we be obsessed with Customer Service?

Think about it!
No one looks to work with companies that offer you low or erratic levels of service and support.

In most cases, this can usually be traced to over-committing to projects or new customers financial issues, lack of expertise, resources or in some cases, just incompetence.

We clearly understand that without customers, we are nothing; being a service company, what determines if we live or die is our levels of service to our customers.
By offering constant high levels of service over the long term, it is a great differentiator. Making sure that consistent levels of service at all levels is maintained is our goal.

Lots of companies say they offer service, but only a small number totally honour all their commitments. It is sometimes complicated for customers to gauge if things are done correctly or at all - just as importantly if they are being financially gouged or getting value for money.

Transparency and trust are extremely important to us and the bedrock of any relationship with our customers - long term relationships cannot succeed without them.

So, what makes Check Your Security so different?
We work on the premise if we do not add value - you should not pay us anything.
What does this statement and commitment do? - It has the effect of honing and focusing us on doing a good job the first time and every time.

We monitor ourselves daily – with our customer retention rates currently greater than 95%, this is a good indication that we must be doing something right.

We always look at the long-term view in all our dealings, and this gives us a well-balanced approach as customer service is just as important as profit to us… as without the former, we would not get the latter.

Highlighting all the options and the pros and cons of each open to our customers is the starting point, then it is left to the customer to make the final decision based on facts. We clearly understand that it is the customer’s choice, not ours, to make the final informed decision, understanding what risks are involved.

As a company, we also know when to say no. If we get unrealistic demands that we know will not work or will negatively impact any specific project or new customer, we prefer to be honest.

It is also important that we work at multiple levels within an account. Estates, Security, and IT each will each have their issues that need to be addressed to make sure that all their KPI’s are met and exceeded.

Besides the high levels of expertise across multiple systems and disciplines, the honest and solid approach to what we commit to do, we also put full management, including audit processes, on all projects.

Carl Pace
Managing Director
Check Your Security