Take Control of your Security Future

Take Control of your Security Future

“If you don’t know where you are going - it doesn’t really matter which road you take”

Before you can start to consider improving your security and planning for the future, it is important to evaluate your current security situation to identify potential shortfalls and areas for investment. This will then allow you to see if your security needs have been fully addressed and commit to an investment allowing a system upgrade that can be managed and reviewed as part of an overall improvement strategy.

With expertise in both hardware and software options, Check Your Security are well placed to weigh up the pros and cons to advise on the best solution for a specific situation. Using their knowledge of industry intelligence, each case will be treated on a bespoke basis rather than the offer of a ‘quick fix’. Benefitting from industry intelligence and technical insight, Check Your Security will look at what is available on the market and identify a cost-effective solution that will deliver results. By demonstrating this approach, Check Your Security have established a strong reputation in this field that is further cemented by their high customer retention rate, in excess of 95%, and endorsements of their expertise and customer service.

When engaging in conversations about security systems it is often a common assumption that effectiveness is measured on quantity rather than quality based on the number of CCTV cameras or access-controlled security doors in operation. In order to maximise the effectiveness of the equipment and specification, carrying out a detailed risk register of precisely what the equipment is supposed to do for your organisation and, if it is achieving the results expected, is advisable. Understanding if the equipment is currently working to manufacturers specifications to confirm the system is protected against viruses or hacks from the internet is essential. Additionally, it is key to observe whether the existing equipment and security system is currently fit for purpose and the hardware is still within its ‘use by’ date.

If these steps are not implemented and continuously reviewed, there is the threat and higher risk of an incident occurring. Of course, it is far better to pre-emp this and adapt and adjust your security provision to avoid such an incident in the first place as picking up the pieces after a major incident is very costly. To incident-proof your system, carry out regular checks, this is when it is time to consider what an external audit would reveal to you in terms of the gaps and potential hazards hiding within your system.

Having an outside organisation audit your whole installation and reviewing your system and taking into account key factors such as the age of the hardware and its condition is a sensible option. This would also be an opportunity to look at upgrading to see if a more effective solution - both in terms of cost and performance - is available. If so, you can systematically weigh up the options on the market and discuss new and emerging technologies with your chosen security expert. Check Your Security offer a practical consultancy service that is agile and able to respond to the changing landscape and marketplace. They are reliable and stay true to the agreed plan of action, not deviating from this and implementing the services as agreed.

By choosing to partner with a security expert to discuss in depth both the technology and compliance in conjunction with up-to-date security standards to map out the route to achieve where you want to be can be quantum moment for you and your business.

As a result of a security audit, you will have a better understanding of what is important and the priorities that need addressing and the costs attributed to this. With a detailed plan in place and a clear vision, progress can be rapid and cost-effective.

Enterprise Audit Report© – The first step to taking control of your security future

Over the past 10 years, the security industry has seen major changes in terms of the technological innovations for hardware and migration to cloud-based systems. On the market today, there is a myriad of equipment from numerous manufacturers, each claiming unique strengths and benefits. The result is a confusing marketplace for the consumer to navigate to identify the best option for investment.

If the systems have not been regularly checked for software version upgrades and to ensure all the latest versions of Firmware are installed, you will have hidden issues. Protection against hacks and virus checks is another area that is sometimes not addressed until major problems start to be unveiled.

If you have a site of 100+ cameras and or entry doors, this could be an interesting exercise to carry out.

The first step to evaluating your current provision is to check you clearly have all your security equipment onsite documented with diagrams and plans on where they are located plus details on:

Number of devices:






Purchase cost:

Current value:

Upgradability options:

Cabling runs and type of cabling:

Risk register for every device and area:

You may ask, why do I need to do this and why is it important?

With this information you can make informed decisions and weigh up the pros and cons of the options you are presented with to evaluate if it is ultimately beneficial to move forward with an upgrade, rather than just taking a guess. If you have had various contractors on site a lot of this information is held by them, sometimes as a way of keeping control of your account.

With this audit of your current equipment to hand, you are better equipped to make a decision regarding its suitability and compatibility and implement the upgrade strategy with confidence that this will have a positive impact and reflect major cost savings.

If you are interested in talking more about the options outlined above with a complementary consultation, contact Check your Security to get a meeting in place.