As an industry sector, security is not one naturally aligned with sustainable practices. However, here at Check Your Security, it is important that we continue to evolve and adopt ways of working that demonstrate our green credentials. We actively seek to embrace new equipment, technological advances and business practices as innovation moves forward.

Key areas that we can adopt a greener outlook and invest in sustainable systems include Access Control and the hardware we choose to install for our customers. One of the main factors to consider for an ethical security system is the flexibility, such as utilising the mobile credentials on the smart phones. Keeping this in mind will future proof any Access Control solution so it is agile and able to respond to changes. These include the scalability and ability to integrate the system with existing or new technologies. Furthermore, this reduces the need to print high volumes of physical smart cards that either get thrown away, lost, or stolen. No card equals no requirements for printers, ink and reduction in energy consumption, and staff time producing.

As cloud-based technologies and remote system management has become more accessible and reliable, this offers huge opportunities for us to reduce the level of hardware we supply. The adoption of integrated systems by our customers has also facilitated system updates and the option to combine multiple sites using a fully integrated security control system that can be easily managed and monitored, including CCTV surveillance and swipe access control.

With regard to hardware that has reached end of life, we ensure that this is disposed of as ethically as possible and where possible the hardware is broken down and the parts recycled, reconditioned and reused. The ultimate aim for us is to reduce the amount of material sent to landfill.

At Check your Security, we are also proud to display the BREEAM Certification to our security solution designs. BREEAM accreditation is an internationally recognized standard in sustainability assessment for projects and buildings, recognising all assets. We operate within a number of BREEAM rated environments. Along with our partners, Check Your Security are committed to delivering a more sustainable and economic performance standards to help to protect natural resources. This validation also requires a security audit that demonstrates site-specific assessment of security needs.

With all our security solutions, we champion transparency in our business collaborations and accountability for the products we use. Our core values are reflected in the service we provide to our suppliers, customers and partners from the initial consultation stage, right through to the after-care service we provide. This is why our customers are extremely loyal and return to us time and time again for their security needs.

At Check Your Security, we are all aware that we can’t stand still, we must keep evolving as individuals and as a business to embrace the greener future we all aspire to live and work in

Clinton Button, Commercial Director at Check Your Security comments;

“We are very conscious of the emerging technologies that are available on the market today. As a business, we strive to deliver a sustainable and well-informed solution to respond to our customers’ needs.

Adopting a greener initiative doesn’t need to mean a costly investment either, it is all about careful selection and choosing a system and hardware that offers greater flexibility and longevity that is more energy efficient on both an operational and ethical level.”