Security Satisfaction

Security Satisfaction

One way to demonstrate good customer service is by knowing your customer retention rate. Actions speak louder than words and it is always a good gauge when valued customers return indicating that they are happy with the service they received.

At Check your Security, we are proud of our high level of customer retention, above 95%. We feel that building strong relationships with all our customers is crucial to our reputation and something we must continue to invest in as a business.

It is vital we understand our customers’ needs both in terms of the advice we give them, the products we supply and the aftercare service and on-going professional relationship. The service and empathy we have for each of our customers and their individual circumstances during the process demonstrates our commitment to this. Our business is based on family values placing trust, respect and honesty of upmost importance, these are the core values we seek in all our employees. These principles complement our security expertise and the quality of the service we provide to our valued customers, which is one of the reasons they choose to return to us time after time. We are a business with a reputation for supplying trustworthy practical and strategic advice to businesses and individuals to ensure that their needs are met during the initial phases of the project through to implementation and after care. Our sales team receive regular training to make sure they are fully equipped to advise our customer effectively and manage their expectations.

It is key for us to focus on customer retention as part of our business strategy and reflect this in our overall performance. If our customer retention rate was to fall, this key indicator would raise alarm bells to review our performance and improve this.

Knowing our customers well allows us to make sure that we communicate via effective channels of to keep them well informed. We always make sure that our customers are advised correctly to aid their decision making with regard to the best products available on the market and innovations in technology that would benefit them. In turn, they also benefit from knowing the culture of our business and our work ethic removing the risk factor associated with working with a new company without the proven track record for excellence,

With an average of 68% of new customers coming from existing customers it is important that we don’t overlook the opportunities for building relationships with new customers facilitated via a referral or word of mouth recommendation.

In order to keep agile and ensure that we maintain the best level of service we can, any feedback we receive or a customer complaint is taken seriously. We will initiate immediate action to resolve and mitigate any issues raised. We then use this feedback to constantly evolve and improve our offering.

To summarise, brand loyalty is very important to us, we truly believe that both an excellent product working in parallel with first class customer service is needed to make a business successful. We strive to get to know all our loyal customers and nurture our relationships so by working together, our business will go from strength to strength.