Norwich City Football Club - CCTV and body cameras

Norwich City Football Club - CCTV and body cameras

One eye on the championship, the other on the crowd!
Ahead of Sunday's local derby, we are proud to announce our regional sponsor, Check Your Security Ltd, recently installed the latest digital Panomera CCTV cameras. They have also supplied the safety stewards interactive Body-worn cameras with live audio, video and GPS location to the Control Room. "We were delighted to work with Norwich City Football Club, and it was a pleasure to deliver a high-profile project together. As a supporter, I know how important it is to be in a safe environment."
Clinton Button Commercial Director of Check Your Security Ltd

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To reduce the number of crowd outbursts and to improve public safety in crowds in excess of 27,500.

Check Your Security's CCTV solution at Carrow Road has been designed to help ensure fan safety. By supplying systems and technology that combine exceptional image detail and powerful search capabilities of every single-seat, the club can quickly respond to events.

Check Your Security's integrated solution has been designed to help security and safety stewards keep spectator incidents to a minimum and comply with strict FA regulations.

The combination of strategically positioned Dallmeier Panomera CCTV cameras with the easy-to-use Flir body-worn cameras deployed with the safety stewards resulted in a truly differentiated customer experience. The ability to live stream and capture real-time audio and video in crowds of people in and out of the stadium from within the command control room effectively provides a full 360 vision at all times.

The exceptional usability and high-level image clarity allow individuals to be recognised and identified.
Mobile patrol body-worn cameras allow the safety and security team at Carrow Road to monitor and manage crowd activity - both in the stands and throughout the stadium's exterior, increasing the efficiency of our crowd management.

The advanced functions and detailed imaging allow the stadium operators to cover large areas and maintain situational awareness while zooming in to identify and quickly respond to potential security events even in low light conditions.

Smooth Operations
According to Andy Batley (Norwich Cities Safety, Security & Counter-Terrorism Manager), Carrow Road predominately uses HD video surveillance to effectively and efficiently monitor crowd flow and safety. With the Dallmeier software, security personnel can monitor a variety of situations, such as altercations in the stands and criminal damage in the concourses, in an organised and timely manner. "The Dallmeier system accompanied with the Flir body-worn cameras enables us to mitigate out some of the problems," The software has also been helpful in identifying possible interferences in traffic flow in and around the stadium. "Say we see on the monitors that there is trouble building before the game. We can now quickly adjust our safety stewards/security team and make dynamic changes so that we can provide protection for the bystanders." Mr. Batley also points out that HD video surveillance helps accurately assess incidents where the liability of the stadium is a factor.

The Future is Mobile
"Having the real-time audio & video from the stewards on match day along with the broader situational awareness video of all seats live at the control room is a game-changer. We've encountered fewer problems with crime because we can predetermine if there is going to be an issue somewhere."
A. Batley Safety, Security and Counter-Terrorism Manager.

"Having a permanent coverage is a real relief that we know everything is being recorded on match day and nothings missed."
CCTV operator