New CCTV and Access control for Janus Henderson Investors

New CCTV and Access control for Janus Henderson Investors

Janus Henderson Appoint Check Your Security for UK & European Offices CCTV & Access Control Support contract. May 20th, 2021

Janus Henderson Investors is a leading global active asset manager.
Janus Henderson active management offers clients the opportunity to outperform passive portfolios over the course of market cycles. Their aim to do this by taking on appropriate levels of risk and offering products and strategies at reasonable fees.

With $378.1b assets under management and over 2000 employees in 28 sites worldwide, security is taken very seriously.

Janus Henderson has in place scalable and world-class CCTV and Access control in operation 24 x7 managed from the HQ in London. In their recent merger, Check Your Security was awarded the contract to self-deliver the upgrade and integration of all their European offices, including the project management for the commissioning of all other offices Globally.

Due to the ongoing success of our services and relationship with the client, we are happy to announce our appointment for the service & support contract from 2021 onwards.