Integrated Care Systems (ICS) – PR angle

Integrated Care Systems (ICS) – PR angle

Celebrating a united future for healthcare and a new approach to integrated system security

At Check Your Security, we pride ourselves on our flexible approach to the needs of our customers to guarantee a bespoke and comprehensive security solution.

The climate in which almost all businesses are currently operating is in a transition, with both technological advances and a change in mindset influencing the way we work together. This, in turn, offers flexibility and opportunities for new collaborations and partnerships. Businesses can now enjoy mutual benefits from combining resources with other like-minded professionals in their sector. The result is the ability to deliver a more comprehensive service to customers and benefit from financial benefits, demonstrating the ‘greater than the sum of parts’ model.

With this integrated approach, there comes a note of caution. Although businesses are keen to embrace this, it’s hard to ignore the underlying security concerns. Alarm bells are already ringing surrounding the effect this will have on overall control and, in particular, an increased risk to security. This is something all industries rate of paramount importance and are very conscious that a tighter and fully evaluated security system needs to be implemented. This is the first step to eliminate the cloud of nervousness about the implications surrounding security breaches before any benefits can be enjoyed.

One area that this is particularly well demonstrated is within the NHS integrated care service. This champions the collaborative approach with local councils, the NHS and other independent partners working collectively to support patients and the wider community.

The main objective for the united vision is to erase the frustrations of disjointed care and to dramatically reduce the waiting times for patient appointments, providing a consistent and efficient service to those who need it most. The new system will eradicate the outdated and divided traditional systems that the majority of healthcare providers have inherited. This, in turn, will present a brighter future on the horizon for all involved.

With this shift in energies and the outlook reaching beyond the comfort of the familiar business remit, this presents the ideal opportunity to invest in a full security audit as a direct and arguably mandatory response to the positive operational changes and the smooth integration of systems.

Check Your Security are one of the UK’s leading specialists in integrating security systems. When businesses evolve to combine expertise, the result is that individual and bespoke systems, previously fit for purpose, suddenly become obsolete.

To respond to this need, as a starting point, Check Your Security will engage in a consultation to identify areas of concern and flag up potential security threats. With recommendations and discussions at every step of the process, this is a comprehensive solution resulting in the installation of a new and fully integrated system to meet the needs of all partners involved.

The potential of this initiative is huge, and it presents the opportunity to improve the lives of many individuals and communities on a national scale for years to come.