Great Ormonds Street Children's Hospital CCTV

Great Ormonds Street Children's Hospital CCTV

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), the world leader and pioneer in specialist health care for children, were faced with an outdated legacy CCTV system. They required an upgrade to digital IP based cameras in a challenging and busy 24/7 environment, where the security and safety of patients, family and staff was paramount at a time of need. Market: Health Care
Location: London
Partner: Flir & Siemens


Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), the world leader and pioneer in specialist health care for children, were faced with an outdated legacy CCTV system. They required an upgrade to digital IP based cameras in a challenging and busy 24/7 environment, where the security and safety of patients, family and staff was paramount at a time of need.

GOSH instructed Check Your Security to conduct a complete audit and conditional appraisal of their equipment and CCTV System to ensure that all decisions were informed and based on fact. Check Your Security's Enterprise Audit Report EAR© was used to manage individual components whose condition needed to be addressed. A Flir, back end system, was installed, and either IP or analogue cameras through encoders were attached to the system, making implementation quick and easy. Ensuring GOSH upgraded towards a Fully Digital IP video Solution with over (300+) cameras & 100TB Storage & the largest Siemens Granta Access Control system in the UK. It served 1100 Access Control Doors, creating a complete integrated solution for a 24/7 live environment.

The latest fully digital IP video surveillance system replacing an old legacy CCTV system is now a fully scalable system with servers to accommodate future growth with ease.

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About GOSH...
After a long campaign by Dr Charles West, the Hospital for Sick Children was founded on 14 February 1852 and was the first Hospital providing patient beds, specifically for children in England. Despite opening with just 10 beds, it grew into one of the world's leading children's hospitals through the patronage of Queen Victoria, counting Charles Dickens, a personal friend of Dr West, the Chief Physician, as one of its first fundraisers. The Nurses League was formed in February 1937.

Audrey Callaghan, the wife of James Callaghan (prime minister of the United Kingdom from 1976 to 1979), served the Hospital as Chair of the Board of Governors from 1968 to 1972 and then as Chair of the Special Trustees from 1983 until her final retirement in 1990.

Diana, Princess of Wales, served as president of the Hospital from 1989 until her death. A plaque at the Hospital entrance commemorates her services and a bust in the lobby of the hospital chapel.

The Charles West School of Nursing transferred from Great Ormond Street to London South Bank University in 1995. In 2002 Great Ormond Street Hospital commenced a redevelopment programme which is budgeted at £343 million and the next phase of which is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2016. The development is needed to expand capacity, deliver treatment in a more comfortable and modern way, and to reduce unnecessary inpatient admissions. In April 1929, the Hospital was the recipient of playwright J. M. Barrie's copyright to the Peter Pan works, with the provision that the income from this source not be disclosed. This gave the institution control of these works' rights and entitled it to royalties from any performance or publication of the play and derivative works. Four theatrical feature films were produced, innumerable performances of the play have been presented, and numerous editions of the novel were published under license from the Hospital. Its trustees commissioned a sequel novel, Peter Pan in Scarlet, which was published in 2006 and received mixed reviews, with a film adaptation planned.

Early days...
"We had a number of DVRs and analogue cameras hard-wired back to one location. If we had an incident, in order to find and review that video, we basically could only hit rewind, and our security room was frozen until we found the right footage. We wanted to upgrade to a 100% IP system for greater flexibility, the ability to review video anywhere and to be able to track activity and people throughout the Hospital's public areas. We were also in need of much better video quality. We couldn't zoom in on incidents, and the image quality could not be used for prosecution." Jonathan Paradi, Mechanical Engineer and Compliance Manager, Great Ormond Street Hospital

After an extensive tender process, DVTel was selected as the best and most appropriate CCTV option, from among eight video management software providers, for the new IP video management system for the Hospital. GOSH selected the DVTel intelligent Security Operations Center as the central component of the upgraded IP system. "The DVTel software sold itself," recalled Paradi, "it was the most user-friendly. It gave us the flexibility we really needed and the ability to utilise existing network infrastructure and a number of the analogue cameras we already had invested in.

The DVTel solution will manage data from more than 180 IP, High Definition (HD) and analogue cameras, covering the entire hospital complex. All monitored from a Central Command video wall, along with dedicated workstations throughout the Hospital (where required), and possibly in the future from portable devices such as an iPad.

Check Your Security Ltd was chosen to implement the software upgrade, install and commission the installation of cameras, server plus other related hardware and all software upgrades. Major changes were conducted to the main system and the control room the nerve centre to the whole system, where searching, viewing and monitoring facilities have been greatly improved. An important and critical component was for the system to not only be scalable, but also be open to third party products and disciplines. To ensure that the Hospital could integrate technology and systems such as Access control, Intruder, Fire and Building Management System directly onto the CCTV system as and when required.

Paradi and staff are excited about the future and the enhanced capabilities of their new security technology, "The DVTel system seems much more intelligent in the way we can organise and manage the camera views for what we need. This was illustrated in a demonstration, which convinced us that the DVTel solution was a better choice for how our security personnel would operate the system. Also, during the demo, camera feeds were streamed to an Apple iPad where we could connect via WIFI or 3G view in a real-time stream. Needless to say, that technology demonstration was impressive."

"The goal for our video system is simple: provide higher patient safety." Paradi recounted an example illustrating how far the Hospital has come. "We had a large, temporary generator cabled into an important clinical building, and one night the cables were stolen. Luckily, this was before the generator was being actively used to back anything up, so the situation could have been worse. We had one of the old analogue cameras looking at the crime scene, and we couldn't read the license plate or identify the people. Had that been a DVTel camera on the new system, I'm confident I'd have the information I need. We've got a lot of faith in what the new system will be able to do for us."

Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital has been equipped by Check Your Security with the best-integrated products available to them, making the Hospital safer and better connected with future-proofed digital scalability.

At Check Your Security, we listen to our customers, gaining a deeper understanding of their core needs, tailoring our response to organisations individual requirements, allowing us to be ready for the challenges of tomorrow.
Clinton Button, Commercial Director, Check Your Security Ltd