Dynamic Lockdown Solutions

Dynamic Lockdown Solutions

A really interesting article courtesy of our partners Commend.  

A primary concern of security and safety experts is the need to develop procedures to dynamically lockdown sites in response to fast moving incidents.

The UK’s National Counter Terrorism Security Office describes a Dynamic Lockdown as the ability to quickly restrict access and egress to a site or building. The aim of lockdown is to prevent people moving into dangerous areas and preventing or frustrating the attackers accessing a site (or part of).

 The Challenge The Solution
  • Identify the high-risk points such as main entrances, exits, deliveries, car parks, open communal areas etc.
  • Think about ways in which staff can alert the Crisis Support Team when an incident occur
  • Identify the common ways in which people move around your building and where they congregate as these would be the best areas to relay messages too
  • Think how you could partition people and keep them away from a dangerous incident e.g. key doors /gates etc. 
  • Identify what floor or floors you would want lifts to travel to if there was an attack on the ground floor
  • Think about what happens in a Fire Evacuation and where people congregate and are there safer areas for them to meet
  • Decide what actions will be undertaken by staff and what actions will be undertaken by technology
  To present a strong physical posture to deter threats
Utilising different procedures such as staff awareness, active security zones, and updating security systems such as CCTV and public address will in turn present a visually-strong physical posture and can help deter threats at the attack planning phase.

To achieve partial or full lockdown of the site
Staff will have the ability to remotely control the locks at the key doors around the site.

To design procedure to respond to fast moving incidents
Incidents can be controlled safely and as swiftly as possible and our solution will give staff the ability to adapt to rapidly changing situations.

To let people know what’s happening
People can be alerted to an incident and be informed of what’s going on. Staff can control the direction of people’s escape.

To train staff on the lockdown procedure
Inbuilt training videos let you train your staff not just on day 1 of the implementation but for the coming months and years and as new staff are recruited.

The Commend Lockdown solution comprises different modules that can be deployed across a site. Each module has a very specific function but can be tailored to each project’s needs.

Studio, All Information at a Glance
To ensure assistance without delay in case of emergencies, the following information is essential: What has happened? When and where has it happened? How is it possible to help the caller? Studio unites all this information within a single software application.

Maps on which markers and icons can be freely positioned help to pinpoint the location of the incident in no time at all. The display switches automatically to the maps showing the locations of ongoing incidents in a pre-definable order of priority. This assists the operator in focussing on the most urgent event at any time. To complement the on-screen support, crystal clear voice communication and integrated video provide further support in assessing the situation correctly and avoiding misunderstandings.

So-called “measure windows” (i.e. on-screen areas listing action items) and help texts provide the details that operators need to make the right decision without losing time over it. ComREPORT keeps a detailed log of what happened, when and where it happened and which action was taken by the operator (i.e. how the situation was handled).

The Hosted Option
All the building blocks of the Commend solution connect to the IP network and are linked together using an Intercom Server. The Intercom Server also sits on the network and is the central intelligence of the system. The server can be a substantial portion of overall costs, especially on larger systems. Commend provide an alternative business plan that means we host your system remotely so you can spread the costs over a monthly plan, rather than an upfront CAPEX cost. This option may not always be possible depending upon different clients’ networks but there are many advantages which we would be happy to discuss with you.