Don't Stop Moving - Collaboration at the core

Don't Stop Moving - Collaboration at the core

At Check Your Security, we work as a team across various different remits and with individual responsibilities to deliver the best possible advice, service and expertise to our trusted customers. It is important that we all work with a collaborative mindset to be able to respond to our customers’ needs along with the advances in technology, as and when they happen.

To allow us to do this effectively, we have adopted the Agile method to project management allowing for a team-based approach to each brief with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Moving away from the more traditional and sometimes restrictive Waterfall approach, that relies on the completion of sequential and dependent tasks, we are able to manage a number of parallel initiatives and deliver a multi-channel service.

In the current business climate, it is imperative that we work in a more organic way and juggle and organise tasks to optimise time, personnel and geographical constraints. Without being restricted by these variables, as a business, we can be more adaptable to meet deadlines and respond effectively and swiftly to the needs of our customers.

At Check Your Security, we handle a wide range of projects, both long and short term. We are fully committed to provide the best solution for our customers and to work in synergy with our suppliers and partners. The Agile business model allows us to respond to changes in technology and circumstances as necessary without this proving detrimental to the final outcome or have a negative influence on other initiatives in progress. This also maximises our potential for business growth and evolution by deploying our team’s resources in the best possible way.

Our ethos and mindset at Check Your Security allows us to build on our core principles of project management and always look to evolve and improve to achieve effective channels of communications between departments demonstrating our dedication to project management and procedure optimisation. We are mindful that this approach requires discipline and careful planning and time management to keep the deadlines in check.

This approach builds time into the project for vital testing, evaluation and installation followed by maintenance and customer support. Allowing for adjustments to be made according to the findings as a result of a site survey, for example.

Adapting a more flexible methodology and streamline approach to workflow allows bespoke solutions to be implemented and for us to respond to industry innovations rather than a ‘one size fits all’ model. In the fast-moving security industry, it is important that we don’t stand still and can respond to new technologies and to work in collaboration with our suppliers and key service partners to deliver the very best.