A foolproof future for pop up offices – the challenges to security we all ignore.

A foolproof future for pop up offices – the challenges to security we all ignore.

Alongside the very obvious benefits that the option of home-working presents to both the employer and employee come a number of less obvious security threats. Although at Check Your Security, we focus on physical security systems, we are also very aware of the data security threats businesses now face when employees are not working remotely.

Following the ‘working from home’ trend - one of the pandemic’s enforcements that offered not only an insight into the unexplored world of remote working but one that we adopted as a choice going forward rather than an order – the number of home offices and hybrid workspaces has risen dramatically. This snowball of new technology has resulted in businesses, from small to multinational organisations, leaving themselves vulnerable to potential security issues and cyber-attacks.

With any variable, in particular human intervention, it is imperative that organisations keep their technology and related systems and security contracts up to date and fit for purpose. The trend for employees to also use personal devices for sharing sensitive data, in particular tablets and mobile phones, means that the lack of even minimal security can easily and quickly spiral out of control. To counteract a situation of this kind, comprehensive data protection and security policy should be adopted and reviewed on a regular basis to flag up any potential risks or an overload of pressure to avoid a security incident occurring; this can be an internal or external attack.

Check Your Security can audit the individual channels of communications to make sure a cohesive security system is in place across multiple workspaces and remote locations. This should go hand in hand with a cyber security policy to be adopted by all employees. This will also include training for employees to display the required standard of work ethic when not in the central office environment and to educate them on potential risks to be aware of. This will be adapted to meet any business sector, including education and healthcare, to ensure safeguarding for patients and minors and corporate businesses to guarantee protection against cybercrime and offer enhanced data protection.

Be proactive and invest in a security audit of your level of risk and vulnerability with Check Your Security today because tomorrow may be too late.

A lack of visibility of your employees doesn’t need to mean a lack of control.