Sir Bill Gallagher flying visit to Check Your Security's Head Office

Check Your Security were honoured to have played host for the recent visit from Gallagher Group Chairman Sir William & Lady Judi Gallagher at our head office in West Somerton Norfolk, September 6th 2019.

As expected, Sir William delivered a jam-packed authentic presentation that outlined Gallagher Security successes around the world. The presentation gave an overview of the companies' history and innovations in technology that Gallagher Security had made and provided us with an insightful road map for future developments. It included a sneak-peek into Gallagher Security's new product releases that they intend to bring to the market shortly, inspired to protect the world against the latest security threats.

It's always good to catch up with Sir William and hear about his inspiring leadership and how Gallagher Security protects the UK & Global national infrastructures and some of the highest security environments by integrating their security technologies. Gallagher security is using cutting edge technology such as FIPs encryption as part of their PIV solution. Being part of the industry global advisory board, Sir William certainly understood the requirement for meeting the counter-terrorism threats of today and the future.

His delivery and enthusiasm make it obvious he enjoys new technology and science in general. Sir William's charisma made the whole process interesting and fun for everyone concerned and demonstrated why Gallagher Security is one of the major players in the global security market.

It was also enjoyable to discuss some of Sir William's other interests. As bee fans, we were especially pleased to hear Sir William is on the Manuka Honey committee of New Zealand - where he is investigating how technology could be used in improving bee's welfare. Given the plight of the European honey bee worldwide, this was music to our Managing Directors ears as he too is a beekeeper.