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A foolproof future for pop up offices – the challenges to security we all ignore.

Alongside the very obvious benefits that the option of home-working presents to both the employer and employee come a number of less obvious security threats. Although at Check Your Security, we focus on physical security systems, we are also very aware of the data security threats businesses now face when employees are not working remotely.

Following the ‘working from home’ trend - one of the pandemic’s enforcements that offered not only an insight into the unexplored world of remote working but one that we adopted as a choice going forward rather than an order – the number of home offices and hybrid workspaces has risen dramatically. This snowball of new technology has resulted in businesses, from small to multinational organisations, leaving themselves vulnerable to potential security issues and cyber-attacks.

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Deciphering the jargon – what do you really need?

Too much choice, feeling confused? Commitment to personal security at home and for our families is something we all take very seriously. Taking control of this to ensure a position where we feel fully protected is unquestionable and a very normal part of daily life. However, it is not quite so simple when following the same approach for your business, and there is a greater risk of jeopardy proving stressful.

When starting preliminary research, we are met with a minefield of jargon that is, more frequently than not, impossible to digest to allow confident decision making on a professional level. This leaves us feeling confused, anxious and unable to move forward with a well-informed decision-making process, heightening a sense of panic.

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Integrated Care Systems (ICS) – PR angle

Celebrating a united future for healthcare and a new approach to integrated system security

At Check Your Security, we pride ourselves on our flexible approach to the needs of our customers to guarantee a bespoke and comprehensive security solution.

The climate in which almost all businesses are currently operating is in a transition, with both technological advances and a change in mindset influencing the way we work together. This, in turn, offers flexibility and opportunities for new collaborations and partnerships. Businesses can now enjoy mutual benefits from combining resources with other like-minded professionals in their sector. The result is the ability to deliver a more comprehensive service to customers and benefit from financial benefits, demonstrating the ‘greater than the sum of parts’ model.

With this integrated approach, there comes a note of caution. Although businesses are keen to embrace this, it’s hard to ignore the underlying security concerns. Alarm bells are already ringing surrounding the effect this will have on overall control and, in particular, an increased risk to security. This is something all industries rate of paramount importance and are very conscious that a tighter and fully evaluated security system needs to be implemented. This is the first step to eliminate the cloud of nervousness about the implications surrounding security breaches before any benefits can be enjoyed.

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Perfect speech quality in the hardest conditions

Since its foundation over 40 years ago, our partner Commend has been researching and perfecting the speech quality of its systems to provide customers and users with the highest possible speech intelligibility even under the harshest conditions.

In the multi-faceted world of Intercom acoustics, everything down to the smallest influencing factor is taken into consideration when it comes to perfecting acoustic qualities – from basic physical sound properties to signal processing and the selection of individual electronic components.

In doing so, Commend keeps extending the technical frontier.

Passion for Audio by Commend

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Dynamic Lockdown Solutions

A really interesting article courtesy of our partners Commend.  

A primary concern of security and safety experts is the need to develop procedures to dynamically lockdown sites in response to fast moving incidents.

The UK’s National Counter Terrorism Security Office describes a Dynamic Lockdown as the ability to quickly restrict access and egress to a site or building. The aim of lockdown is to prevent people moving into dangerous areas and preventing or frustrating the attackers accessing a site (or part of).

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Why should we be obsessed with Customer Service?

Think about it!
No one looks to work with companies that offer you low or erratic levels of service and support.

In most cases, this can usually be traced to over-committing to projects or new customers financial issues, lack of expertise, resources or in some cases, just incompetence.

We clearly understand that without customers, we are nothing; being a service company, what determines if we live or die is our levels of service to our customers.

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The Benefits of communication systems for Hospitals and Clinics

One of our trusted partners, Commend, have provided an interesting article detailing the benefits of their communication solutions. 

In the medical sector, seconds can be decisive in terms of life and death, especially in emergency rooms and operating theatres. Commend's security and communication solution for medical environments meets the strictest directives and regulations within this sector. It provides direct multi-site communication across facility complexes, e.g. to laboratories, blood banks, hospital pharmacies, wards and quarantine areas. What is more, they also support all necessary functions for efficient door access control, e.g. for maternity wards, nurseries etc. Personal safety and public assistance requirements are satisfied by Intercom stations for lifts and Public Address, as well as solutions for car parks and Intercom equipped parking spaces, which provide instant access to assistance in case of problems at pay-on-foot machines and vehicle barriers.

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Security is not about what you know it is about being prepared for what you don’t know
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