AI Artificial Intelligence in Security

Everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence but what will be the impact of it be and more importantly what time frame?

Its not a matter of if but when AI becomes a dominate factor in the security industry with the pilifration of CCTV cameras, access control and IP devices managing, one of the major areas is planning and gaining good statistics and information on traffic or pedestrian traffic, routes, preferences just to understand how people utilise the site and where pinch points could occur or where additional resources need to be placed. Things such as where to put new pathways are an obvious option but analysing where people are heading and why which opens the gambit of options for development.


Information as they say is power in future making major decisions in development without these systems giving you the facts will become the norm.


Devices are already utilising basic forms of AI such as deep learning and many strides have recently been made in machines that are starting to "think" for themselves.


In a conservative industry like security how open will it be for these types of technology to thrive. As stated previously we cant see that there is an option with the rate and number of new cameras  being installed - value added intelligent software is already starting to offer practical solutions to make the management of systems  and these vasts amounts of data easier.