Site Lockdown

Site Lockdown Why & issues associated with implementation

Having the ability to instantaneously shut down the site from a security perspective is something that most sites need to comply with to meet with their own security and safety procedures.

First question you need to ask is:

Do you need Lock IN or Lock OUT or Staged lockdown or Local area shutdown? It could be you need a mixture and a priorities system that escalates in time or areas.

Another important issue if you choose to lock people in, how do you communicate your instructions or intensions to them to stop panic and help organise orderly evacuation and or other pre planned action?


Another important consideration is what is the sound quality like?  Is it “HD sound” quality does the system compensate for ambient and background sound to make sure the message is getting through crystal clear 16KHz-20KHz  this makes a huge difference in a busy crowded location with lots of traffic traditional 3.5-7KHz telephone and mobile phone quality does not make allowances for background noise and can sound tinny and doesn’t have the ability to project itself over busy background noise.

Remember that in certain environments i.e. Hospitals, panic could be one of the symptoms or conditions of a visiting patient not just the general public in which the site and its administrators have a duty of care to both the individual and the public- simply just putting up signage will not I am afraid, be enough to curb potential ramifications and or prosecution.

It is all well and good locking people in but if frustration and or panic is created through lack of communications, the potential of forced exit through fire doors or windows increases defeating the original objective.

So how do you organise a orderly site shutdown across a site with an array of different Access control systems? - Pretty straight forward you put a device in between the existing lock method so that in an emergency it can release or shut doors instantaneously this is coupled with a real time public address system/sip phones and or intercom system that can communicate across the site and give out instruction and manage the situation.

A system that handles both PSIM and Lockdown graphically in an elegant and scalable manner comes from a company called Commend. With installations in National infrastructure, large corporate sites as well as Universities, Prisons and Hospitals. it’s not as expensive as you might think, and it ties up all the loose ends in terms of integration. Comparable to systems a lot more expensive with less features and flexibility not to mention reoccurring yearly PMA and development costs you should seriously take a look at this new way of doing things. 


Commend Studio your universal front end to building and security management. 

What is “Studio”? - Is it costly?

A new generation Visualisation software frontend GUI for control room desks in a client server structure that is completely customisable making great visual representation. The system is extremely flexible and comes with many standard features making the interfacing of third party devices that are usually independent or go through some type of PSIM easy.

Scalable in rich 2D 3D Animation with 100 plans and 1000 icons making it virtually unlimited as far at the imagination is concerned. Video integration with a backend reporting system based on SQL database based on a comprehensive system archive can be assessed and compiled into custom reports.

Commend Dynamic control for all Lockdown scenario’s incorporating door and gates control, Fire, Lifts, Intruder, BMS, CCTV, Help Points, PA and Intercom all into one customisable, graphical user interface for emergency procedures to be coordinated seamlessly the system is created around the needs of your site. Giving you all the tools to successful manage the situation at a cost-effective price with no hidden charges.