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Red Bull FLIR CCTV Upgrade

One of the world’s leading Formula one motor companies based in Milton Keynes UK with a staff of over 600 employees, AMRBR have a high profile both on and off the racing track. With numerous world Driver and manufactures championship titles under their belt their pedigree is second to none. AMRBR has and continues to heavily invest in its state of art research and development facility and teams in the UK. It is well place to be a dominate force in Formula one for many years to come.

Christian Horner Team Principal of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing with Clinton Button Commercial Director Check Your Security


Having a high national and international profile with a state of art facility at Milton Keynes Aston Martin Redbull Racing – AMRBR needed to implement the latest and technologically advanced security system to protect its building people and intellectual property.

The site operates 24 x 7 and is the hub for international links it is located in an open estate, so care had to be taken to ensure CCTV cameras had maximum coverage and were in keeping with existing buildings aesthetics and branding at the same time giving maximum coverage and protection at the same time not appear intrusive.

As the upgrade of an existing system had to be carried out in a live environment it was important that the least amount of disruption was created on and off site and to the any people carrying out their normal daily duties.



AMRBR chose and adopted the Flir Latitude Video management system together with Flir latest release of Saros cameras as they saw this system as technologically advanced and in keeping with what they were looking for.

With 120 cameras and 24 x 7 operation it was imperative that the system was easy to use with a user interface that allowed for simple access to view, playback, search and export options.

Customisable trip lines and set for region of interest, triggers and alerts have also been extensively used to automate the process so that quick response times can be achieved should an incident or breach occur.

Flir Saros range of 4k HD camera technology has been extensively used on site which is gives good quality images in all areas.

“The image quality that we get from the new range of visual FLIR cameras is truly impressive”

Zoe Chilton- Head of Technical Partnerships

Check Your Security were chosen as their integration partner to upgrade install and support this new CCTV system, the rollout was accomplished with the minimum of disruption and to a high standard meeting all KPI’s.


With the implementation of the Flir CCTV system, AMRDR now have a modern and technically advanced CCTV system that is extremely flexible and scalable and can be viewed from multiple locations and multiple devices.

Our Milton Keynes facility contains valuable technology and intellectual property .. it is critical for us to have high-performing security processes and systems in place, so we can effectively protect our assets as well as the people who work here

Mark Hazelton Chief Security Officer